Amy Spittle - Pet portrait
Amy Spittle - Pet portrait
Amy Spittle - Pet portrait
Amy Spittle - Pet portrait
Amy Spittle - Pet portrait

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Amy Spittle - Pet portrait
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Current turnaround: 4-6 weeks for image completion 


  • Select you preferred size above.
  • Make payment at checkout. 
  • For any questions please email
  • Email portrait picture of your dog to (Suggest 3/5 max).
  • Details and requirements can be then discussed. 
  • You will then receive an initial sketch as a digital version to feedback.
  • A final digital version will then be shared ahead of shipping.
  • Post and Packaging is not included and your art will be shipped as signed for. Costs will be added at checkout based on location. 
  • If you require an additional subject in the same portrait please let us as you will receive 50% off.

What you will receive:

  • An original portrait drawing on quality 250gsm paper. Please note the final product is not framed. 

 ***Please note that the artist retains ownership and full copyright of all works produced allowing them to be remerchandised/sold as prints. If you would prefer this to not be the case please ensure you make this clear to the artist when ordering ***

Growing up in a home full of pets and their portraits, Amy realised there was perhaps more than one way to *ahem*, paint a cat, and combining her love of dogs and Expressionist Art brought Amy Spittle Art to life. 
Amy is a full time artist and married mother of one based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. She also has a rescue dog courtesy of the RSPCA. Charlie is her beautiful "rat bag", faux dobe(rman) and source of constant heaps of love and consternation in equal measure.
The portraits go through five stages before they are considered complete. First, freely hand drawn in pencil the subject takes shape and their quirks are celebrated.  Then they are redrawn in ink. This permanence is so exciting as every mark counts. There is no erasing, or redrawing an ink portrait. This gives the pieces a vibrant freedom as you can see every choice the artist has made. Third, they are transferred to the computer where they are prepared for colour. Lastly, each piece is printed and returned to the studio where it undergoes further ink-work to ensure that the piece you receive is a true one-of-a-kind. 
Within each creation you can see Amy’s fervour for dogs, great and small and her unending passion for colour.