Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits
Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits
Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits
Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits

Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits

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Current turnaround: 2-3 weeks for image completion 


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  • For any questions please email info@fifiandpascale.com
  • Email portrait picture of your dog to info@fifiandpascale.com (Suggest 3/5 max).
  • Details and requirements can be then discussed. 
  • You will then receive an initial sketch as a digital version to feedback.
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  • If you require an additional subject in the same portrait please let us as you will receive 50% off.

What you will receive:

  • An original portrait drawing on quality drawing paper. Please note the final product is not framed. 

 *** Please Note: All pet portraits have the potential to be made and sold as prints. Please state if you would prefer them not to ***

I am a Northern born artist currently based in Warrington, North West England. I am a Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art and Professional Practice graduate and specialises in Line Work illustrations of Animals, Flowers and Plants.

The specific technique that I use within my artwork is Line work, the use of many small lines to create an overall image.  I believe that the use of this technique blends itself well with Pet Portraits, as I am able to capture every intricate detail of my subject matter by using the thinnest Fine Liner pen possible.

Due to this technique it means my artwork is monochrome, enhancing all detail in tones and shades of the light and dark parts of the subject matter.

Growing up with a large family whom gravitate towards having family pets, I understand the importance to capturing not only the physical attributes to the animal, but also their individual personalities within their portraits. 


Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits
Jake Ditchfield - Pet portraits