The Royal family and their dogs

The British Royal family have a history of dogs as their best friend. We had a look back through the ages to find you the very best of royal family and their pooches. Corgis sure have been popular over the year but looking back we see lots of other breeds over the years.

We can see from oil painted portraits from the 17th century that the royal family have pooches by their side. Pictured here are the children of King Charles I and his beloved King Charles Spaniels. 


The woman power of Queen Victoria who took the throne for 64 years. During which time she enjoyed the company of her dogs, she was even reported as saying “If it were not for the honest faces of dogs, we should forget the very existence of sincerity.”

Source: Huffington Post

Our reigning Queen was given two Corgis on her 18th birthday by her father, called Holly and Willow. Corgis have become a favourite of our Queen ever since. 

Source: Annie Leibovitz

The Duchess of Cornwall loves Jack Russell Terriers and rescued Bluebell from Battersea Dogs home back in 2012. 

The Prince of Wales looking regal with his loyal labrador friend at his 30th Birthday in Balmoral. 

Source: PA Photos

A teenage Prince Harry hangs out with his pals Rosie and Jenny.

Source: Global Animal

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are carrying on the tradition of having a Royal four-legged family member. Born in 2011, Lupo, a gorgeous black Cocker Spaniel. 

Source: Getty images 

Long live the royal dogs! 

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