Preparing your dog for the winter..

As the nights draw and read the papers headlines  ‘Coldest Winter Ever!’ (maybe a touch dramatic). We look to prepare for the colder months ahead. Getting out and walking your pooch or leaving the back door open can become a bit more tricky and definitely less appealing. Here are a few ideas on how to make sure your dog gets the stimulus and exercise they need...

Wrap up warm

Make sure you have a good down jacket for those chilly early morning walks. If you dog is also susceptible to the cold, get prepared and have the appropriate dog jacket. It is important that you both stay warm especially if they are crazy enough like Otto, to go for a swim. 

Some extra dog walking 

As a busy time of year, there are lots of people that would love to walk your dog. From online communities such as Borrowmydoggy to local dog walkers. So worth doing some research and getting them booked in so you have time for the Christmas rush. 

Indoor games 

With less time outside indoor games can be a great idea, especially for a young dog. Hiding treats and toys and getting your pooch to seek them out can be a fun both mentally and physically. Stuffing a loo roll or milk carton with some treats can keep them occupied for a few hours whilst the chew and sniff away try to find the treasures inside. We find a smothering of Peanut butter on most objects is a winner! (note: not all peanut butter is safe for dogs so check before you give it to you pooch).

Most importantly don't forget to enjoy this time of year, with the changing of seasons and exciting preparations for Christmas. Make the most of your family time.



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