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There is certainly nothing better than having your very own illustration of your pooch pride of place in the home, staring right back at you. We were lucky enough to have Amy join us as a resident artist here at F+P.

Growing up in a home full of pets and their portraits, Amy began to experiment with a passion for expressionist art and pets. Today she combines this passion over 5 stages to produce a modern detailed style with a splash of colour, of your choice! 

We caught up with Amy so you can get to know her better. See below.

How/Why are you a Portrait artist? 
Becoming a mother and a wife enabled me to become a professional Artist and I am beyond fortunate that that is the case. Being a parent brought me back to paper and pens after a long break as I rediscovered the calm, peace and quiet drawing brings. 

Amy Spittle Art became a business as social media allowed my commissions to increase and continuing to work from home long past maternity leave became viable - and I feel incredibly privileged and thankful that that is the case. 

What is your inspiration?

Being inspired by and drawing dogs was inevitable as they were my first love, closely followed by horses. My family fostered this devotion with a home full of hairy collies and weekends spent at country shows. I was the sort of child who hovered around people and their dogs waiting for an excuse to fuss them - I still do.

My mascot and sidekick is Charlie AKA Charlie-Boy AKA Black Dog AKA Chazzy-doo. He is a Saluki X Whippet to the best of my knowledge and an RSPCA Rescue after being abandoned at only a few weeks old. He is the perfect sidekick - happy to snooze mornings away whilst I draw he keeps my feet warm. Occasionally when he is in a particularly good mood he will clamber up for a chat as I work or if I feel stale his lead goes on and we trek across the fens to blow the cobwebs away. 

If you are interested in working with Amy on your very own commission you can book her through the website Amy Spittle or just email us at  All we will need are some good digital photos! 

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  • Hi… how much do you charge for a framed portrait of a pet( dog )..?

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