Hand drawn Portrait of your pet by Corrie Wessman

Custom portraits have become ever more popular. What's not to love about having your very own pooch to adorn the white walls. 

Here at FIFI + PASCALE we have been collaborating with a very talented Artist, Corrie Wessman who offers custom portraits. 

Corrie's designs are beautifully hand drawn she is crazy about simplicity and negative space mixed in with a little dash of wit.


Corrie has designed pictures of dogs in any thing from couture to casual T Shirts and her most recent designs of 'dogs in party hats' is a great one for a dogs birthday. 

Prices for customs start at £156.00 and existing designs are available on our store. 

Spaces for portraits are limited but please contact us here  to find out more.

Fancy seeing your pooch on the wall?



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