Preparing for your puppies first walk or should I say 'Walkies'

After 12 weeks of cabin fever, Otto was super keen and excited to go for his first 'walkies', as were we. We don’t declare to be experts but here are a few things we found useful in preparing your puppies first walk:

Starting early..

Whilst you are counting down the days till you can let the pooch roam in the great outdoors you can start laying the foundations. In this time it is worth getting your dog a good collar and lead, we found that the buckle collars more secure than the clips and we settled for an all leather one. It is worth putting the collar on for short periods of time at first, to see how they get on, praising them and rewarding them. Then to add the lead once they feel comfortable for some practice ‘walkies’ around the house and in the garden. If you have garden, we found a good opportunity was walking your pup outside in the garden with the lead when he goes on his toilet trip.




All tricks come in handy..

Some other tricks that will help you on ‘walkies’ are, sit, stay, come. So use this time to practice these tricks. We found at times it can be quite frustrating when your dog is not ‘getting it’ but doing short sessions and being consistent and persistent with lots of praise does help. 



Ask: Tell : Command

One tip a friend of mine told me was to ask, i.e 'ask: Otto come' tell: OTTO COME, Command: bring him to where you want him. Regardless of whether your pup comes on the 1st or 3rd action, always offer praise.

Otto is definitely no angel and is yet to reach 100% success with these commands however consistency and persistency is the ticket. If you feel like you are not progressing during a session end on a good note and go again tomorrow.

We would love to hear your tips and tricks...


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