Leaving your dog with a sitter

If you are planning to be sipping cocktails in the Bahamas or a work trip to Barcelona, it can be really tricky leaving your pooch behind. We found it especially hard the first time. We have pulled together some tips that we found useful in preparation for your trip that can provide both you and the your dog with maximum comfort:


Meet and sniff!

If you are using a dog sitter or taking your dogs to kennels it is important that your pooch meets the person that will be looking after them, prior.  If your dog sitter has a dog of their own it can be useful to meet prior in a neutral environment such as the park.

Details and info

You might be worried about appearing overbearing but writing notes about your dog is important. After all, dogs are all different and have different requirements.This should include feeding schedules, sleep schedules and any other quirky canine requirements.

Plan ahead

If you dog has specific food requirements and will need worming or fleaing, it is best to plan ahead. Stock up on their food (make sure you organise extra - incase) and try to make sure you check their records on Worming and Fleaing to see if there are any requirements.


You pooch might take a while to settle into their new surroundings, so providing as much comfort as possible is crucial. Their favourite toy, bed, blanket and toys can all be helpful in providing the home comforts. You’ll be suprised about the amount of stuff they have, so get ahead a get organised.



I can be hard leaving your dog for the first time, especially if this is for longer than a few days. So it might be worth organising to have a call mid week. We find a video call is great to be able to see your pooch and help you feel more relaxed.


Here is a tick list that might be useful:

  • Food (always pack extra)
  • Pre meeting with sitter and or sitters dogs
  • Notes on requirements inc all contact info
  • Lead/ Collar
  • Bedding
  • Favourite blanket
  • Favourite Toys
  • Bowls
  • Any medication required to be taken

We would love to hear your tips below..

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