Modern, stylish Dog Art - We talk to Bryan Gallardo

Here at FIFI + PASCALE we have been collaborating with the extremely talented Bryan Gallardo.  Inspired by his 9 month Shih Tzu Bryan has been creating some of our most popular work, here is the interview.

So Bryan, tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Bryan Gallardo and I’m an illustrator based in Mexico City. I am part of Yolka Mx, a Mexican brand dedicated to create products related to national endangered species. I love drawing, listening to music and sports.

I’m a very obsessive and organised person which I think reflects on my work, I totally take Stefan Sagmeister’s quote as a philosophy of life: “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”. 

Lines to me are everything, they are everywhere. I’ve always had the desire to watch how other people see our world because we have different perceptions. My portraits are interpretations of those surfaces but in the end those distinct points of view fit in my artwork, multiple lines, directions together for one purpose that is understanding the beauty of nature. There is infinite information and detail everywhere.

What Inspires you? 

To me, true inspiration comes from many sources and sometimes at unexpected times. Nature, savage species, cute dogs and feelings fuel my creations. Music and movies are also good ingredients to work with. Inspiration is a hard theme to talk about, I simply prefer to work and inspire others with my lines, to keep drawing. 

What would you do if you were not an illustrator?

If I were not able to draw, I think I would be a photographer, I love extreme sports. I have as a partner in crime a 9 months old Shih Tzu Morgan, he is very playful.


How did you find and nurture your talent of drawing dogs?

I started drawing dogs because an aunt told me to illustrate his Shih Tzu “Franky”, I thought it was a great challenge and from there the amount of requests has grown.

Last year a cousin told us that his furry friend was going to be a father, she asked us if we wanted a puppy dog, without hesitation we said yes and that is how Morgan came into our life. We met him the moment he was born, we even have the video, the first time I held him he was the size of my hand! He has grown a lot, he plays the whole day, we use to go out and run many blocks. He loves eating tortillas and he has lots of toys. He doesn’t get into mischief but he is so restless and happy, he’s been sleeping on my bed lately.

To see more of the very talented Bryan's work click here 


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