Preparing your dog for the Spring

Boxer - Django of South London 

After a rather cold and long winter We are all excited about the taste of spring. Buds blooming and the wonderful easter break is not too far away. Getting up in pitch black may be a thing of the past!

Spring certainly is a great time to be a pooch as you spend more time outside, giving them a chance to release their stored up winter energy. There are a few tips to getting your pooch ready for the spring...

Spring is the perfect time to check your dog's vaccinations records are up to date. As summer approaches dog contact with other their doggy friends increases, so it is worth making sure their flea and worming is up to date as well as all their injections.

With spring in bloom, it's a great time to get out there and tend to the garden. It is worth being aware that some fertilisers can be dangerous if consumed by your dog, so store in a safe place away from their reach.

With spring comes rain and with rain comes mud, Django our model Boxer from South London, sure does love his face in the mud! keep your dog’s feet dry and your house clean by keeping a towel near the door and perhaps in your car as well, so you can wipe down after a walk. 

Boxer - Django of South London 
Dogs tend to loose their winter coat and start shedding in spring time, so worth giving them a regular brush to avoid a house of hair and dandruff.

This time of year is a fantastic time to get out there with your dog and enjoy the fresh air. You will be sure to notice you will both have a little more spring in your step.

We would love to see pics of your pooch enjoying the Spring, please email them through and we will pick the best one's to go on our social channel.  

We would love to hear about your favourite ways to enjoy the spring, with the pooch by leaving a comment below.



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